Popular app has Russian connections

A popular face-editing app developed in Russia is now catching the attention of the FBI. Senator Schumer is asking the FBI to investigate the app, as the app requires “full and irrevocable access to [users’] personal photos and data.”

Iran seizes British oil tanker

Iranian media is reporting that Iran seized a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz. While the situation is still developing, this seizure may be in retaliation for an Iranian tanker seized by the UK as it headed for Syria.

Turkey attacks Kurds

Turkey launched airstrikes against Kurdish rebel targets in Iraq after a Turkish diplomat was killed there. While there is no claim of responsibility from Kurdish fighters, Turkey has retaliated against the group.

Trump broke campaign finance law in 2016

Newly released federal search warrants detail Trump’s deep involvement in his hush money scheme to hide his affair and protect his campaign in 2016. This scheme is illegal under federal campaign finance laws.

EU gets a new leader

Ursula von der Leyen was elected as President of the European Commission. Leyen, former German defense minister, is the first woman elected to hold the E.U.’s top position.

Max Boot: Trump is a bigot

“Trump is a bigot and doesn’t even bother to hide it. In fact — and this is the truly appalling part — he parades his bigotry in the expectation that it will win him votes.”

China’s economy slows

China’s economic growth slows to 6.2%, the slowest in nearly 30 years. While Trump takes credit, the slowdown is likely due to China’s development. Economic growth is expected to slow as economies get stronger.

Trump’s racist tweets spark outrage

How does Trump follow up on his latest racist Twitter tirade? By demanding that those he attacked apologize to him, the U.S., and Israel. Additionally, GOP lawmakers have almost been completely silent on Trump’s racist Twitter attack.

China’s subtle espionage campaign

China’s subtle influence and espionage campaign deepens in Europe. Students living abroad are taught to “turn patriotic feelings into patriotic deeds … tightly tie your own ideals to the destiny of the motherland!”

Maduro, Guaido talks to continue

Another round of talks between Maduro and Guaido envoys ended after a week of meetings in Barbados. Norway, who is mediating the talks, says that despite no agreement being reached, talks will continue.

Trump to abandon census citizenship question

It appears that Trump will end his efforts to have a citizenship question on the census. After legal defeat in the Supreme Court, Trump was only left with the possibility of some sort of executive action to try and place the question.

Post Opinions: Darroch was right about Trump

“We don’t know if Mr. Darroch tried to explain that aberrant behavior in one of his cables. But he did write that the Trump administration was unlikely “to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept.” To which we can only say: Right you are, Mr. Ambassador.”

China eyes the South Pacific

China is continuing to pump millions of dollars of loans and grants into the country of Tonga. Tonga’s debts to China now have reached $108M, or the equivalent of 25% of Tonga’s GDP. While it is not clear what China wants in the South Pacific, it may be eyeing Tonga as a foothold to project power to the West.