Senate seeks to punish Russia

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a bill which seeks to limit Russia’s control and influence in Europe by sanctioning Russia’s Nord Stream 2 project. The bill now moves to the Senate to be voted on.

Hazma bin Laden is dead

U.S. intel says that Osama bin Laden’s son and potential leader of al-Qaeda, Hazma bin Laden, is dead. In February the State Dept. offered up to $1M for information regarding the location of Hazma bin Laden.

Michael McFaul: Election security 2020

“Even the smallest doubt about the integrity of the vote count would be magnified exponentially in our highly polarized era. Do Trump and McConnell really want to bear sole responsibility for the damage to our democracy?”

Another Republican to retire

Rep. Rob Bishop (R) announced that he will not seek another term in Congress. Bishop is the fourth Republican in the last two weeks that has announced their retirement from Congress.

Max Boot: Trump’s war on truth

“Ratcliffe has no qualifications in the intelligence field, but he does have a history of slavish loyalty to Trump — as he demonstrated by berating and maligning special counsel Robert S. Mueller III…”

China’s Hong Kong headache

Facing weeks of protests against Beijing’s overreaching in Hong Kong, China now says that the West is behind their Hong Kong headache. In the statement blaming the West, China also failed to mention any specific individuals or countries.

Trump picks loyalist for DNI

Trump’s pick to be the next Director of National Intelligence, Rep. John Ratcliffe, has little relevant experience to take the role as DNI. To Trump, however, Ratcliffe possesses the most important quality, loyalty to Trump.

Trump attacks Baltimore

Baltimore is now the latest Trump Twitter target. Trump’s divisive weekend tweets attacking Baltimore and Rep. Cummings were curiously posted after a Fox News program criticized the city and the Congressman.

Confucius Institutes close

Security concerns over Confucius Institutes have led several US universities to close their chapters. The Institute is seen as a base of operations for China to conduct espionage and keep tabs on Chinese students at US universities.

Putin opponent likely poisoned

Alexei Navalny, one of Putin’s biggest critics, was arrested last week in Moscow. After his arrest, he was taken to the hospital for a “severe allergic reaction”. His doctor says it looked like he was poisoned with a “toxic agent.”

Putin’s protest problem

Up to 20,000 people took to the streets of Moscow protesting government and the removal of opposition candidates from an upcoming election. Nearly 1,400 were arrested during the demonstrations.

North Korea expands nuclear stockpile

Trump’s pandering to North Korea secured nothing but a photo op for himself and greater visibility for Kim Jong Un. Unsurprisingly, analysts believe that since the Singapore Summit, North Korea has produced at least 12 nuclear weapons.

RT fined in the U.K.

Russia’s foreign propaganda network, RT, was fined by Britain’s media regulator for violating broadcasting impartiality rules. The violations in question come from RT’s coverage of the Skripal poisoning, Ukraine, and Syria.

T-Mobile and Sprint merge

The DOJ approved a massive merger between T-Mobile and Sprint worth $26B. The company will be called T-Mobile and it will be the third largest U.S. wireless carrier.

Putin is back at it again

Putin and his cronies continue to disqualify and harass opposition candidates running for Moscow’s city council. Protests against the government over its anti-democratic action continue to grow.

Bolsonaro had his phone hacked

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro had his cellphone hacked. This hack was part of a larger operation that targeted several members of his government. The stolen information has not yet been released publicly.

Trump sides with Saudi Arabia… again

Trump sides with the Saudi Arabia… again. President Trump vetoed three congressional resolutions which would have blocked arms deals to Saudi Arabia. Concern has been rising over Saudi use of the weapons in its conflict with Yemen.

Ukraine seizes Russian tanker

Ukraine seized a Russian tanker that was involved in last year’s incident which saw Russia take 24 Ukrainian sailors hostage. Russia has now promised a “harsh response” for the seizure.

Ricardo Rosselló resigns

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló announced his resignation late last night. A federal corruption investigation, leaked messages, and scandal have rocked Rosselló’s administration and led to his resignation.

Russia enjoyed the Mueller hearings

Russian state media was very content with the Mueller hearings yesterday. One pundit was very pleased when she said, “We’re officially laughing at their allegations of election interference.”

North Korea is back at it again

North Korea launched two short range missiles, prompting concern among U.S. and South Korean officials. This is the first launch of North Korean missiles since President Trump entered North Korea less than a month ago.