Max Boot: Trump’s war on truth

“Ratcliffe has no qualifications in the intelligence field, but he does have a history of slavish loyalty to Trump — as he demonstrated by berating and maligning special counsel Robert S. Mueller III…”

Trump picks loyalist for DNI

Trump’s pick to be the next Director of National Intelligence, Rep. John Ratcliffe, has little relevant experience to take the role as DNI. To Trump, however, Ratcliffe possesses the most important quality, loyalty to Trump.

Trump attacks Baltimore

Baltimore is now the latest Trump Twitter target. Trump’s divisive weekend tweets attacking Baltimore and Rep. Cummings were curiously posted after a Fox News program criticized the city and the Congressman.

Trump sides with Saudi Arabia… again

Trump sides with the Saudi Arabia… again. President Trump vetoed three congressional resolutions which would have blocked arms deals to Saudi Arabia. Concern has been rising over Saudi use of the weapons in its conflict with Yemen.

Trump’s Turkey problem

Although Trump is bound by law to sanction Turkey over its purchase of a Russian anti-air missile system, it seems that he is trying to avoid doing so. Trump is also lamenting his decision to deny Turkey F-35 jets.

Max Boot: Tucker Carlson 2024?

“[Carlson] is more intelligent and disciplined than Trump. He could well be the new leader of authoritarianism in America. If that were to happen, we may look back nostalgically on our present craziness as the calm before the storm.”

QAnon goes violent

A lawyer for the man who killed a NYC mob boss says that the suspect is obsessed with QAnon. The suspect believed he had the protection of President Trump and committed the murder to help Trump.

Max Boot: Trump is a bigot

“Trump is a bigot and doesn’t even bother to hide it. In fact — and this is the truly appalling part — he parades his bigotry in the expectation that it will win him votes.”

Trump’s racist tweets spark outrage

How does Trump follow up on his latest racist Twitter tirade? By demanding that those he attacked apologize to him, the U.S., and Israel. Additionally, GOP lawmakers have almost been completely silent on Trump’s racist Twitter attack.

Trump to abandon census citizenship question

It appears that Trump will end his efforts to have a citizenship question on the census. After legal defeat in the Supreme Court, Trump was only left with the possibility of some sort of executive action to try and place the question.

Post Opinions: Darroch was right about Trump

“We don’t know if Mr. Darroch tried to explain that aberrant behavior in one of his cables. But he did write that the Trump administration was unlikely “to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept.” To which we can only say: Right you are, Mr. Ambassador.”

Sarah Longwell: ‘The Breakup’

“There aren’t enough tax cuts and judges in the world to justify a president who stands on the stage with Vladimir Putin and sides against America’s intelligence community; who ignores, if not invites, foreign interference in our elections and normalizes unprecedented levels of corruption and incompetence; who abdicates moral leadership both at home and abroad; who lies and obstructs justice and then lies about obstructing justice.”

Trump jokes to Putin they should ‘get rid’ of journalists

Donald Trump joked with Russian President Vladimir Putin that they should “get rid” of journalists as they met in public at the G-20 conference of world leaders in Osaka, Japan. Indicating toward the journalists in the room, Trump said, “Get rid of them. Fake news is a great term, isn’t it? You don’t have this problem in Russia but we do.”

Dalai Lama hits out at Trump: He ‘lacks moral principle’

The spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists hit out at Trump’s temperament and his “America First” rhetoric during an interview with the BBC. “[Trump’s] emotions [are] also a little bit,” he said, while waggling his finger near his temple. “One day he says something, another day he says something. But I think [there is a] lack of moral principle. When he became president, he expressed America first. That is wrong. America, they should take the global responsibility.”

Trump threatens ‘obliteration’ after Iran suggests he has a ‘mental disorder’

The Iranian and US presidents have traded insults, with Hassan Rouhani suggesting that Donald Trump suffered from a “mental disorder” and Trump once more threatening Iran with “obliteration.” The worsening confrontation became significantly more personal this week when the US imposed sanctions on Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, and eight military commanders, and threatened measures against the foreign minister, Javad Zarif.

Melania Trump’s spokeswoman to be new White House press secretary

Stephanie Grisham, who previously served as spokeswoman for Melania Trump, will replace Sarah Sanders as the White House press secretary and will also serve as communications director, replacing Bill Shine. Grisham will also maintain her role as Melania Trump’s spokeswoman. “I can think of no better person to serve the Administration & our country. Excited to have Stephanie working for both sides of the White House,” Melania Trump tweeted.